Learn 2 Earn

The Goliath Digital Learning Hub (DLH) is made up of teachers from 22 schools who serve some of the most disadvantaged primary schools in and round Belfast. With schools currently focusing on distance learning the DLH teachers were concerned about the lack of engagement or communication after Easter from their pupils and wanted to do something to try and address this. While the DLH teachers always support one another, through mentorship and learning communities we wanted to share our Learn 2 Earn initiative with the wider school community who may also be facing similar challenges. 

We have created an initiative to motivate learners to engage and complete different daily tasks that promote social and emotional wellbeing, reading and other teacher activities. In addition, we felt it was crucial to deliver the message that teachers care about their pupils education through encouraging different ways of learning, daily contact and check ins. If you want to use our initiative or adapt it to suit your class, please read the instructions for further details, along with watching the video to give you a deeper insight into what it is all about. 

Why not share your pupils work on Facebook or Twitter using the #Earn2Learn and #GoliathTrust

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